Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

BlackBerry Wins Arbitration Against Qualcomm

BlackBerry Wins Arbitration Against Qualcomm

The royalties were computed on devices sold by BlackBerry between 2010-2015; the only question that the arbitration panel had to deal with, was whether BlackBerry's non-refundable royalty payments were covered by Qualcomm's royalty cap program. Chen said he looked forward to collaborating with Qualcomm in security for application-specific integrated circuits and technology for automotive applications, markets BlackBerry has entered after stopping making phones to focus on software.

In a statement, Qualcomm said it disagrees.

Shares of BlackBerry soared after Qualcomm was ordered to pay the Canadian company almost $815 million in overpaid royalties. The decision came almost a year after the companies entered into an arbitration agreement on April 20, 2016.

Qualcomm is also fighting a lawsuit filed by Apple, accusing the company of overcharging for chips and refusing to pay some US$1 billion in promised rebates.

Qualcomm has a similar legal battle still looming with Apple. In 2015, a Chinese regulatory authority fined the company almost $975 million for abusing China's anti-competitive terms. According to MarketWatch, Canacoord Genuity analyst Matthew Walker said the decision means that BlackBerry will receive the full arbitration amount-totalling approximately 20 percent of its current market cap.

It added that Apple has encouraged antitrust regulators around the world - with complaints launched in South Korea, the European Union and elsewhere - by "intentionally giving government agencies false and misleading information and testimony about Qualcomm".

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