Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

NC GOP leader promises no action on anti-gay marriage bill

NC GOP leader promises no action on anti-gay marriage bill

Three Republican state lawmakers, including one from Eastern Carolina, want the state to defy a U.S. Supreme Court ruling that makes gay marriages legal. 780, claims that "the United States Supreme Court overstepped its constitutional bounds", both in its ruling against North Carolina's Amendment 1 in 2012 and with the Obergefell v. Hodges decision of 2015.

In news that probably isn't shocking, GOP lawmakers in North Carolina have introduced a bill to restore the state's constitutional ban on same sex marriage. As the bill states, marriage is not a federal matter.

After that law was rolled back late last month, the ACC said it would again consider North Carolina sites to host events.

They argue in the bill that it is 'clear that laws concerning marriage are for each state to establish and maintain severally and independently'.

The state branch of the ACLU's policy director Sarah Gillooly said: "This bill is absurd, unconstitutional and further proof that some North Carolina legislators remain committed to discriminating against LGBT people and their families".

One of the sponsors of the bill, Michael Speciale said he is only looking to return North Carolina state law to what it was before the U.S. Supreme Court got involved.

North Carolina's so-called "bathroom bill," signed a year ago, restricted the public bathrooms transgender people could use and reversed local ordinances expanding protections for LGBT people.

HB 780 was sponsored by Republican Reps.

"This is a payback bill from people who supported House Bill 2", Rep. Graig Meyer (D-Orange) told the station.

We wonder how the NCAA feels about this considering they recently gave North Carolina their blessing following the faux repeal of HB2?

North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, tweeted Tuesday: "This bill is wrong".

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