Published: Thu, April 13, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

Sculptor of Wall Street's bull wants 'Fearless Girl' moved

Sculptor of Wall Street's bull wants 'Fearless Girl' moved

In honor of International Women's Day, ad agency McCann New York and investment firm State Street Global Advisors placed the Fearless Girl sculpture in Bowling Green Park, facing off with the Wall Street Charging Bull. His attorneys say they hope to resolve the issue without going to court, saying they want the sculpture moved.

Di Modica calls the statue an "advertising trick" created by two corporate giants - Boston-based State Street Global Advisors and McCann, its NY advertising firm.

"It's negative", Arturo Di Modica said of the girl's juxtaposition to the popular bull statue. His work was a response to the stock market crash of 1987, showing that the country was economically resilient despite setbacks.

The IWD statue was originally meant to be in removed on 2 April but the city extended its residency due to the amount of interest it got on social media - including two petitions to keep it in place.

One Di Modica's lawyers, Norman Siegel, said State Street had erected a plaque near the bronze, since taken down, that advertised one of its funds.

But Visbal has made no secret of her admiration for her statue's massive counterpart: "The bull is attractive", she told The New York Post in March.

"We were focusing on making a statement about the future of Wall Street", Visbal told CNN Money last month.

"Fearless Girl", he suggested, could be relocated outside any number of NY firms with poor records on gender equality, or indeed in any other USA city.

The work was embraced by tourists and others as a symbol of female empowerment, though some critics questioned the motives of State Street, which said the statue was intended "to celebrate the power of women in leadership and to urge greater gender diversity on corporate boards". "Fearless Girl" makes a far more visceral point about the inexorable sway of capitalism than feminism, but then again, what exactly is the difference anymore?

After reading that Di Modica was upset by "Fearless Girl", Visbal told the New York Post she was distressed and praised the sculptor's artistic abilities as "exceptional". "But the world changes and we are now running with this bull".

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