Published: Fri, April 14, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

'Cocaine Cowboy' arrested in Central Florida after 26 years on the run

'Cocaine Cowboy' arrested in Central Florida after 26 years on the run

The U.S. Marshals worked with a team in Kissimmee to find Gustavo Falcon, who is known as one of the original cocaine cowboys.

Authorities said he was using a fake drivers license dating back to 1997, with a Miami address.

They surveilled them for some time and when they were able to confirm it was Gustavo, they stopped him at a traffic light in Kissimmee.

Falcon and his family were renting a house in Kissimmee, which was under surveillance by U.S. Marshals.

The driver's licenses, some of which were for Falcon's wife and adult children, were listed under Miami addresses.

U.S. Marshals Service spokesman Barry Golden said deputy marshals nabbed Falcon and his wife, Amelia, at an intersection near Orlando after the two took a 40-mile bike ride. The fugitive was said to have gone willingly and did not resist police when he was arrested. Falcon was booked into the Orlando County Jail. He said Falcon and his wife were going under the aliases Luis and Maria Reiss. "The partners, who grew up in Miami's Cuban-American community, used their ocean-racing speedboats to haul Colombian cocaine from the Caribbean to the shores of South Florida".

Falcon is expected to be extradited to Miami after Thursday's court appearance on charges of conspiracy of trafficking cocaine from a 1991 indictment.

And though Willie and Sal were eventually caught and convicted, Gustavo Falcon appeared to disappear entirely from South Florida.

Willy Falcon and Magluta were convicted in what was at the time Miami's biggest drug smuggling case, and are both now in federal prison. Magluta and Willie Falcon were acquitted in 1996, although retrials were ordered after it was discovered the suspects bribed witnesses and at least one member of the jury. Willie Falcon struck a plea deal on similar charges in 2003 and received a 20-year term; he is scheduled to be released in June.

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