Published: Fri, April 14, 2017
Science | By Boyd Webster

Samsung Galaxy S8 Easily Hacked

Samsung Galaxy S8 Easily Hacked

The attractive wallpapers are meant to compliment the different color options that the devices will come in, and are optimized for the larger viewing on their Infinity Display panels.

LG G6 has taken the display experience with 5.7-inch 1,440 X 2,880 HD resolution which covers nearly 90% of the phone body and leaving a slim row of sensors, camera, and earpiece. The fingerprint scanner is shifted to the back of the device. The feature allows users to unlock their devices simply by picking it up.

Apparently, iPhone 8's advanced camera system will have 3D capabilities that can enable augmented (AR), like the hologram effect in Pokemon Go, and virtual reality (VR) features in apps, while also offering better security. If you check out the clip, you can see that the owner's picture being placed in front of the flagship will be sufficient to unlock the phone.

Either way, it seems practical to opt for other authentication features such as iris scanning which is much more effective, fingerprint sensor or even your regular pattern unlock. With this accessory, tech junkies will be able to turn their smartphone into a desktop PC. The Korea-based tech giant will reportedly be hosting a special event in NY this March 29 to unveil the latest offering from their line of smartphones. The program will enable users to set reminders, browse through files, and more by the press of a button.

Reports prior to the Galaxy S8 launch also suggested Samsung plans to make the dual-edge display a staple on all Galaxy flagships moving forward. With this premise, it is only logical that the company find ways to regain its popularity and the public's trust putting a very big pressure to the Samsung Galaxy S8.

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