Published: Fri, April 14, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Upcoming iPhones to come with 3GB RAM

Upcoming iPhones to come with 3GB RAM

Previous rumors had it that the iPhone 8 would feature a Touch ID fingerprint sensor embedded into the display, though technical and production issues may force Apple to abandon this idea. According to that note, the 5.8-inch iPhone, which is now being referred to as the 'iPhone 8, ' will have an edge-to-edge OLED panel, and Apple has to figure out how to embed the Touch ID beneath it.

If the 3D sensor doesn't make it to the iPhone 8, Apple may have to delay the rollout of augmented reality applications.

The iPhone 8's curved edge OLED screen will be similar to Samsung's Galaxy S7 Edge, according to the rumors mill.

Apple's plans have always been rumoured to involved removing the traditional home button/Touch ID combination on the iPhone 8 for something more futuristic.

The drawing depicts an iPhone 8 measuring 149.5mm tall and 72.5mm wide, compared to the iPhone 7's 138.3mm length and 67.1mm width, so the iPhone 8 would be slightly larger than a 4.7-inch iPhone as expected.

Apple has been reported as working on 3D facial recognition tech that will allow for more biometric features in the upcoming iPhone.

The much-awaited "iPhone 8's" release might be postponed. Looking at the current news from a different angle, there is a suggestion that Apple could announce the redesigned iPhone but delay putting it up for sale. However, the new Touch ID is the feature causing the most trouble, analyst Timothy Arcuri of Cowen and Company said in a note. As Tom's Guide noted, all the iPhone 8 models will have upgraded their RAM to 3GB while also sporting a new glass and stainless steel design, 3D camera, better IP rate, improved battery life, and wireless charging.

Specifically, Arcuri's report says that Apple's efforts to use its in-house AuthenTec sensor are creating production bottlenecks for the iPhone 8.

It seems to be the season to find issues with Apple's (AAPL) iPhone manufacturing. But they're positioned vertically along the left side of the phone, rather than horizontally like the iPhone 7 Plus.

At the end of the day, an unconfirmed source is an unconfirmed source, so as always, we advise exercising a healthy skepticism until we get closer to Apple's official announcement.

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