Published: Sat, April 15, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

BC NDP pledges $400 annual renters rebate

BC NDP pledges $400 annual renters rebate

"We're going to work with the Mayors' Council", said Horgan. NDP Leader John Horgan said an NDP government would deliver a $108 million surplus in their first budget year.

Initial estimates by CKNW indicate the plan could cost $54.5-million a year to cover the City of Vancouver alone.

Green Party Leader Andrew Weaver is in Victoria today.

"That's simply not possible".

He didn't rule out the possibility of a higher minimum wage under this new commission, however. "This document is a five-alarm warning to British Columbian families".

He says that would make the premiums fairer, while at the same time keeping a vital revenue strain.

Horgan responded to criticisms relating to the $400-a-year rebate for renters in B.C. In response to a critique from BC Liberal leader Christy Clark saying the credit would go to wealthy tenants of high-end apartments in downtown Vancouver, Horgan said those tenants would be "such a modest number".

BC Liberal Finance Minister Mike de Jong said the NDP plan would cause a return to operating deficits or force an additional income tax increase, and would likely lead to a credit rating downgrade for B.C. He estimated that just the previously announced NDP promises would total more than $2.5 billion annually, and the whole package would ultimately cost $4 billion more a year.

Clark said the Liberal campaign formula to earn voter support is job creation, 220,000 jobs created over the past four years; the lowest unemployment rate in Canada; and prudent fiscal management of government.

He said the proposed rental subsidy would apply across the province and be available to all tenants, regardless of income.

"We didn't want to get into all of that off the start. We need more supply".

Horgan visited Structurlam Products Okanagan Falls Thursday, then made a stop to check out the expansion at the Penticton Lakeside Resort, with a final stop at local candidate Tarik Sayeed's office before heading back West to Vancouver Island.

"That isn't right. We shouldn't be redistributing our tax money to the very rich, we should be making sure we spend our resources supporting people who are having trouble staying in their homes".

"Housing affordability is a critical issue in the Okanagan, a critical issue in the Lower Mainland".

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