Published: Sat, April 15, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

LI Teens Found Butchered In Park, MS-13 Gang Suspected

LI Teens Found Butchered In Park, MS-13 Gang Suspected

Police on Long Island, New York, have discovered the bodies of four young people authorities suspect may have been killed by members of the global MS-13 gang, officials said Thursday.

The victims were found in the Central Islip Recreation Village Park near Lowell Avenue and Clayton Street in Central Islip Wednesday night, authorities said.

Police are not revealing when they believe the victims were killed, in an effort to "maintain the integrity of the investigation". The authorities have not disclosed the identities of the four new victims. A sharp or edged instrument was used in the killings.

"We're going to do everything in our powers to solve these murders".

Jefferson Villalobos' was reportedly visiting the area from Florida and handing out with his cousin, Michael Banegas, when family members say they were killed along with two others.

Long Island police officers found the bodies of the four young men on Wednesday evening just a few hundred feet from a soccer field where children play.

The FBI is working with authorities to find the gang members responsible for this week's slayings. 'This is a long-term war and make no mistake about it - it's a war.

George's brother William Tigre, of Bellport, said he'd received a call shortly after the bodies were found from a friend who said he's seen his brother get murdered, he told ABC News.

"They'll kill anybody", said Isaiah Vogelfang, whose own brother, Michael Johnson, was allegedly killed by MS-13 members past year. Thirteen MS-13 members have been charged in connection to seven murders in Brentwood over the past several years.

According to the station, family members told reporters on Thursday that two of the victims were Jorge Tigre, 18, and Justin Llivicura, 16.

Police have not commented on the alleged phone call.

It comes six months after the discovery of the remains of five other teenagers in the area who police say were murdered by local high school gangs.

Tigre's brother, 21-year-old William, told The New York Post that his brother went missing when he went out with two friends, one of which was MS-13 gang member Alex Ruiz. After the brutally mutilated bodies of young men had been discovered, an extremely graphic video of the scene was sent to the family and girlfriend of a missing teenage boy who is believed to be among the victims found near the park. Their bodies were discovered in Brentwood.

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