Published: Sun, April 16, 2017
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Iran's Hassan Rouhani registers for second term in upcoming presidential elections

Iran's Hassan Rouhani registers for second term in upcoming presidential elections

Rouhani has vowed to remain loyal to the nuclear deal.

Rouhani, who has yet to formally register to run for reelection, signed an agreement with world powers to limit Iran's uranium enrichment in exchange for sanctions relief.

Incumbent President Hasan Fereidun Rouhani is favored to win re-election, and an Ahmadinejad candidacy would split the hardline vote, giving the advantage to President Rouhani.

Raisi reached out to moderates as well as hard-liners.

But disappointment with the 68-year-old's administration is palpable on the streets of Iran.

There is little chance he will ease social restrictions or release opposition leaders held under house arrest since the 2009 protest movement, known to conservatives as "the sedition".

Rouhani has arrived at the Interior Ministry where candidates enroll, Trend correspondent reported April 14.

During Ahmadinejad's administration, Iran faced heavy global sanctions for its nuclear program, which Western countries said aimed to develop weapons. "The stepmothers who repeatedly tried to kill this baby can not be good custodians for it".

Rouhani also mentioned the giant joint gas field, the North Field, Iran will be developing with Qatar. "Those who sympathise with the heads of sedition must know that the great nation of Iran will never forgive this great injustice", he said in 2014.

"No one during the history advocated aggression and war; despite this very fact, the history witnessed conflict, bloodshed, tyranny, and confrontation of the righteous and the forces of the darkness", Rouhani told the meeting. "Buying planes is good, but how many Iranians can afford to fly to Paris?"

"The problem about the nuclear deal is how they advertised it".

"He inherited a bad situation, but he created so much expectation and nothing has changed for the guy on the street". He began as a favourite of the ayatollahs, but during his second term he had a turbulent relationship with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, the Supreme Leader, who asked him not to run for President again. Ebrahim Raisi, a hard-line cleric close to the supreme leader, also has declared his candidacy and is seen by some as the choice of the Revolutionary Guard, a powerful paramilitary organization that also has vast economic holdings.

Other well-known applicants who registered on Friday include lawmakers Hassan Norouzi and Mostafa Kavakebian, former parliamentarian Alireza Zakani, reformist figure Mohammad Zare' Foumani, pro-government politician Amrollah Sheikhiaei, and prominent theological teacher Ayatollah Mohsen Gharavian.

Rouhani has lost one of his main backers. But there are two key players who are stealing all the headlines.

The five-day registration period for the May 19 election started on Tuesday and will be followed by a process of vetting of the hopefuls by a hardline watchdog body, The Guardian Council.

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