Published: Sun, April 16, 2017
Sport | By Scott Davis

LeBron confident as NBA playoffs begin

LeBron confident as NBA playoffs begin

Enough with the debates over resting players and tanking.

In last year's epic NBA Finals series against the Warriors, James inspired the Cavaliers in an unprecedented recovery from 3-1 down to a 4-3 series victory.

The Cavs' latest play suggests the door is open in the Eastern Conference, as the Boston Celtics vaulted ahead of them to capture the No. 1 seed.

The Bulls meanwhile snuck into the Playoffs on the final day of the regular season. Before we get too far, he was only given two options in a television interview, Blazers in 6 or Blazers in 7. Let's get into it!

Joking aside, it is interesting that NY would draw better ratings than the Houston Rockets, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Clippers. Still, Jimmy Butler has had an fantastic season, and the Bulls don't lack for experience. The Celtics need to shore up their poor rebounding on both ends and get continued production from Isaiah Thomas to shake the specter of back-to-back first round exits.

The spontaneity of sports is what makes them enjoyable, intriguing and thrilling, and I'm more than willing to sacrifice occasional heartbreaking moments for the gratification of sweating out an exciting overtime playoff win.

The San Antonio Spurs and Houston Rockets also presumably lie in wait for Golden State. 2 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. In the last of the four games between these teams this season, Milwaukee finally won by harassing DeRozan into submission, with the midrange expert admitting that Coach Jason Kidd's defensive strategies fluster him a great deal. They beat Utah in three of their four regular-season meetings. The Cavs were 11th this season.

The Toronto Raptors are playing great basketball right now.

Don't sleep on the Raptors, folks.

Back when James was with the Miami Heat, Indiana met the Heat in back-to-back Eastern Conference Finals. Portland made 21 straight trips from 1983 through 2003, and Utah got 20 appearances in a row from 1984 through 2003. Though it's been a long season filled with trade rumors and new faces, the Pacers have as much talent as any team without home court advantage in the East.

The Washington Wizards are the reason why fans shouldn't freak out when their team starts the season slowly.

This is a tough one to call.

I really hope the Cavs don't make it as a way of karma coming back to bite them in the ass for how they played this season and I really hope the Warriors don't make it, because Kevin Durant doesn't deserve to win an National Basketball Association championship and be called one of the greatest of all times.

With the stars canceling each other out, this series comes down to teammates and coaching, and that gives a distinct advantage to the Rockets, a squad reworked into something handsome by Coach Mike D'Antoni. The Hawks go into Washington and steal this series in seven.

Kevin Durant and the Golden State Warriors are gearing up for a championship run. Is he right? No. PORTLAND: Warriors in a sweep. The team looks just about as different as can be having lost key players like DeMarre Carroll, Jeff Teague, Al Horford and, most recently, Kyle Korver, but they haven't taken many steps back. The Spurs, led by Kawhi Leonard, are 2-1 against the Warriors this season.

As Curry said, the next two-and-a-half months are going to be fun.

Odds are, they'll be on the court together in the Memphis-San Antonio series.

Between Russell Westbrook's fire, the Thunder's playoff experience from a year ago and their defensive versatility, size and athleticism, no one should be surprised if they make serious noise.

Movies and books end the same way every time, no matter how many times you watch or read it. Outside the two MVP front-runners, though, the Rockets have a better supporting cast, and Harden is a (slightly) better facilitator who can help Houston win without scoring all of its points. John Wall has stepped up and has actually put up MVP-worthy stats (if it weren't for those pesky triple-doubles by Russell Westbrook) averaging a double-double and being a menace on defense.

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