Published: Mon, April 17, 2017
Sport | By Scott Davis

Rod Carew's new heart, kidney came from ex-Baltimore Raven Konrad Reuland

Rod Carew's new heart, kidney came from ex-Baltimore Raven Konrad Reuland

Reuland died on December 12 at the age of 29 after experiencing a brain aneurysm. It reveals, among other things, that when Reuland was a kid, he once met Carew. Saturday, the American Heart Association released photos of Carew meeting Reuland's parents last month as Reuland's father listened to his son's heart beat. When Reuland's mother, Mary, saw Carew, she hugged him and said: "You're part of our family now". Using one of his stethoscopes, he, Mary and their youngest son Austin each heard Konrads heart thumping inside Rods chest.

"As Mary listened, the edges of her mouth widened and her eyebrows jumped".

Her face turned crimson and, reflexively, she wrapped her arms around Carew's neck. Her last words to the agent of the organ obtainment system were, "Ensure his heart goes to a better than average individual on the grounds that Konrad was an okay individual". Their children went to the same grade school and the Carews remembered Konrad and his brothers from all of their success on the football field and basketball court. She connected with Rhonda, and they bonded nearly immediately. Because Ive been given a second chance.

Both families need to urge more individuals to wind up organ contributors. "I promise to always take care of your very priceless gifts". The NFL player was on life support while Rod's condition continued to worsen, and the former Hall of Fame baseball star was soon placed at the top of the transplant list.

At Reuland's funeral in Southern California, people asked his mom whether she thought Konrad's organs had been donated to Carew.

Carew's health issues began in September 2015 when he had a near-fatal heart attack while playing golf.

Reuland, an organ donor, was a match with Carew due in large part to his immunity to Hepatitis B. As a result, Carew received Reuland's heart and a kidney.

Konrad Reuland died on December 12, two weeks after suffering a brain aneurysm.

Before Reuland, who played three seasons for the New York Jets and Baltimore Ravens, died doctors took his heart, kidneys and liver.

The only details the Carew family received before the transplant were that the donor was "male, late 20s, local, exceptionally healthy".

Rod's campaign to fight heart disease was called the Heart of 29, in honor of the number he wore throughout his baseball career. Mary lost her dad and a 31-year-old sibling to heart assaults; Ralf's dad has gotten a stent and fights atrial fibrillation.

As noted, Reuland was 29 when he died. He was in fact the donor that helped the 71-year-old Carew survive heart and kidney transplant surgery.

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