Published: Tue, April 18, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

What Will The iPhone 8 Be Like?

What Will The iPhone 8 Be Like?

The hope would be that Apple might have designs on ways to really boost iPhone battery life, which continues to be a product weakness, plus safeguard iPhones from potential shortcomings that could lead to Note-worthy news (See: Samsung Galaxy Note Phenomenal Phablet Flame-out).

When it comes to iPhone 8 (or iPhone X) scuttlebutt, there are rumors, and then there are leaks.

The rumored design, which would essentially turn the iPhone's entire face into a touchscreen, would also force Apple to remove the physical home button that has sat beneath the iPhone's screen since its initial release in 2007.

Some people think that it is because the iPhone 6 is already a few years old but Apple could have at least said something about the issue. However, more reports indicate the iPhone maker may not be able to do so this year.

Although the technology is not always used to achieve curves on screens as sometimes they just allow manufacturers to add curved finishes on flat panels, as per Forbes, Google making use of them suggest that the Google Pixel 2 might actually come with a curved display. However, in the renders showing the iPhone 8 after production, only the earpiece is visible, not the other components. "Additionally, we believe Apple has evaluated Synaptic's (SYNA) optical fingerprint solution, but that it has not been qualified".

Apple is expected to launch three devices, if previous reports are to be believed - iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus, and a luxury and super-advanced "anniversary edition" iPhone 8 that will get all fancy features.

Samsung's non-memory chip unit System LSI will supply display driver IC, the display chip for the OLED screen, while STEMCO and LG Innotek will provide the chip on films that connect it to the printed circuit board.

But with all the technology that is causing the highly-anticipated smartphones delays, users should start preparing themselves to pay $1,000 for their iPhone 8 when it does finally launch.

The latest leak also shares that a narrow earpiece is located on the front of the handset, on the top. The ability to change or adjust colors according to the ambient is something iPhone 8 users want from the company.

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