Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Bill O'Reilly cut from Fox News

Bill O'Reilly cut from Fox News

That put pressure on 21st Century Fox and the Murdoch family, which controls the company.

She pointed to a generational split between Rupert Murdoch, the Australian-born media baron traditionally hands-off in such cases and his adult sons, James and Lachlan, taking on an increasingly powerful role.

But it was O'Reilly who created the template for how to succeed in cable TV punditry, delighting his viewers with unapologetic attacks on liberal politicians and media members that he delivered with gusto.

Fox News is trying to ride out a scandal that erupted last summer, when the network's former reporter and talk show host Gretchen Carlson filed a sexual harassment suit against then-news director Roger Ailes, who ended up resigning last July.

In an interview with The New York Times, Fox News contributor Jehmu Greene claims that O'Reilly once made a comment about breaking her back while attorney Lisa Bloom announced that she is now representing Caroline Heldman.

The O'Reilly Factor is the top-rated show on Fox News. (Ailes received a $40 million payout when he left). "But that is the unfortunate reality many of us in the public eye must live with today", O'Reilly said in the statement, which was emailed by crisis communications expert Mark Fabiani.

Fox occupies a unique and powerful if controversial, position in America - watched by a deep and committed conservative fan base that to a large extent includes many of those who voted Trump into office a year ago.

O'Reilly has had a brief handshake with Pope Francis as sexual harassment allegations dog him at home in the U.S. He is on a two-week vacation that on Wednesday took him to Francis' general audience in St. Peter's Square.

The O'Reilly Factor, for now, is simply "The Factor", dropping O'Reilly's name from the show's branding. Its leading female star, Megyn Kelly, decamped for NBC in January. "The Five", an ensemble political round table, will move to 9 p.m., from the afternoon.

That will be Tucker Carlson, whose show is moving to the 8 p.m. slot on Fox. Eastern time, followed by "Hannity".

Charles Herring, the president of Herring Networks, which owns OANN, said he expected Fox would replace O'Reilly with a highly capable host, but he's hopeful that "viewers migrate to One America News". "I think what people underestimate is that these networks, like Fox, still hold tremendous power".

The New York Times reported earlier this month that Fox and O'Reilly, a 20-year veteran of the conservative cable network, paid five women a total of $13 million to settle harassment claims.

But O'Reilly has been on Fox News for more than two decades.

More than 50 companies yanked advertising from his show, the most popular in USA cable news watched on average by 3.98 million viewers in early 2017, according to Adweek.

It's also home to ambitions that the O'Reilly crisis may have hindered. It'll be inneresting to see if O'Reilly pops back up on our TV screens at the end of April. Hours before, he had spent his morning meeting Pope Francis in the Vatican, according to the New York Times. Fox News has demonstrated again and again the strength of its talent bench.

O'Reilly's salary is believed to be $18 million. "They watched to find out what Bill thought was important and why it was happening".

O'Reilly, 67, had ruled the "no spin zone" on television with a quick smile and an even quicker temper.

O'Reilly's program often became as much about the host as it was the news. And I did his show regularly for a long time. Stephen Colbert "The Colbert Report" host, on the other hand... that's a different story.

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