Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

Closing arguments scheduled in trooper ambush trial

Closing arguments scheduled in trooper ambush trial

If the jury finds him guilty of first-degree murder, Frein faces the death penalty and a second trial begins.

After 10 days of trial, the jury has returned a verdict for Eric M. Frein.

"Today justice was served and a brutal murderer will be held accountable for his heinous and cowardly acts against members of the Pennsylvania State Police", he said in a statement. A warning label inside the vest said it's not meant to protect against rifle fire.A pathologist who conducted the autopsy on Dickson told the jury that either of the bullets that struck him would have been fatal.Frein eluded capture for almost seven weeks before USA marshals found him outside an abandoned airplane hangar more than 20 miles from the shooting scene. He called Frein a terrorist who sought to change the government through bullets and bombs. Dickson was killed and Douglass severely injured.

"Eric Frein is a human being, with the qualities of humanity that we all have", defense attorney William Ruzzo said. Starting Thursday afternoon, Pike County District Attorney Ray Tonkin will call witnesses to the stand to show why Frein deserves to die for murdering Cpl.

"We can't make him a holy man but we will try to make him a man", Ruzzo said. His trial now enters the penalty phase, where jurors will have to decide between a death sentence or life in prison. Another trooper, who ran to Dickson's aid, was left debilitated after the attack.

He's convicted on 12 counts including first-degree murder.

Pennsylvania has a moratorium on executions under Gov. Tom Wolf.

A jury convicted Eric Frein on 12 counts Wednesday, including first degree murder and attempted murder in the shooting of a pair of Pennsylvania State Troopers in 2014.

Prosecutors presented more than 500 pieces of evidence tying Frein to the attack.

Tonkin has listed two aggravating factors - details that elevate a murder to a capital case - in Frein's case: that Dickson was a police officer murdered in the line of duty, and that Frein put others at risk of death when he opened fire at the barracks on September 12, 2014.

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