Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Jobs, education feature on BC campaign trail

Jobs, education feature on BC campaign trail

Also of note: 45 per cent of those polled said they prefer the BC Liberals' proposal to cap bridge tolls at $500 a year, versus 31 per cent who like the NDP's plan to scrap tolls altogether. Ms. Clark raised the economic challenges the NDP faced in the 1990s, leading Mr. Horgan to reply, "It's April, 2017".

Weaver said his party would ease rising housing costs in Metro Vancouver by doubling a tax on foreign buyers to 30 per cent.

Earlier this year, the B.C. Liberals announced a $29-million injection into B.C. school districts for the very same thing. The reason most of the Liberal platform is a recitation of past accomplishments is because setting expensive new targets would put balanced budgets at risk.

Horgan has promised to eliminate tolls, replacing the revenues for three years by using Clark's "fake prosperity fund" that took increasing MSP revenue and called it liquefied natural gas revenues.

"You're not going to deliver it until those kids have their driver's licence", Clark replied, warning of the problems encountered when Quebec introduced universal daycare.

Clark says Site C has been a job creator for the province, with more than 275 B.C. businesses involved in the dam's construction.

"Their platform creates not a hole in our budget, it is a crater, a giant, smoking crater of a hole to the tune of billions of dollars that they are going to fill with your money in the form of new taxes", she said.

"People do bad stuff during election campaigns, there's always lots of people damaging signs, you know, so, I guess... They want to talk about the future", she added.

The NDP is looking at investing (borrowing) an additional $7 billion over now budgeted capital allocations over five years ($1.4 billion per year) starting in 2018.

Christy Clark and the Liberal platform promises to keep working on its "BC Jobs Plan", which the party claims has created 222,200 jobs since its implementation in 2011.

- John Horgan campaigned at the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, where he promoted his plan to eliminate interest on student loans and offer a $1,000 completion grant to people who finish their studies.

But Horgan says his numbers are solid and based on Ministry of Finance numbers tabled in February. While the fund was meant to be funded with revenues from liquefied natural gas, that money has yet to materialize so the Liberal government has filled it using general revenue.

- Weaver says the party would work with industrial sectors affected by climate change to help them preserve their long term economic and environmental sustainability, and promote best practices; as well as develop an inventory of old-growth forests to determine reserves and protect them.

Currently, the John Hart dam at Campbell River and the Ruskin Dam near Mission are being upgraded to make them quake resistant, and further billion-dollar turbine expansions are underway at newer dams in the Kootenays.

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