Published: Fri, April 21, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Vehicle crashing into big rig snarls Cajon Pass traffic

Vehicle crashing into big rig snarls Cajon Pass traffic

Steimke sped ahead, and eventually confronted the truck driver. But even veteran wheelmen (and wheelwomen) can still get a little shiver when a massive tractor trailer flies by close enough to make their auto tremble like a leaf.

The driver said he "didn't know" he had a vehicle stuck under his truck.

Brian Steimke was traveling on the northbound 15 freeway ascending up the Cajon pass when he saw a burgundy 1996 Nissan Maxima partially stuck under the rig. Based on the description, the incident appears to have taken place on Interstate 15 in California.

'He's not stopping, ' the driver of the auto shouted to Steimke.

Other drivers honked to get the truck drivers attention, and one finally got in front to stop the truck. Check it out below.

After the truck pulled over, Steimke could be seen approaching the truck driver, demanding why he kept driving when there was clearly a vehicle stuck to his truck.

'What do you mean you didn't know it dude?' a surprised Steimke asked.

The driver of the sedan, who asked to not be identified, he is just a bit sore from the collision and is simply happy to be home with his family.

KTLA is seeking additional details from the California Highway Patrol.

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