Published: Wed, May 17, 2017
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Major gains for Tories in council elections but SNP hails 'emphatic' victory

Major gains for Tories in council elections but SNP hails 'emphatic' victory

The youngster has failed to make his mark since getting elected and the Tories won in the same area at the Holyrood elections past year.

"We take nothing for granted but I'm confident that the strength of these local candidates will win through", the First Minister stated. The campaign is barely a week old and if the SNP message is already looking shop-soiled that's because it is.

Ms Davidson said: "I think you have seen in both language and design, the SNP attempt to assimilate the party for Scotland and Scotland for the party". The difficulty is that if...

What was no more than a one-point lead over Labour in the local ballot boxes had seemed like small beer after the SNP's success in winning an overall majority at Holyrood a year earlier. "We will not be a government that presides over food bank Britain or asks teachers to go on the school gates and collect funds to pay the teachers' wages", he said.

The general election for Scottish voters would be a straight choice between the Conservatives, who are likely to win power at Westminster on the back of their support in England, and the SNP, who would "stand up for Scotland's interests", she said.

Ms Hair also increased the party's share of the vote by 15% in Angus South in the Scottish Parliament election past year.

As a result, the Tories increased their number of councillors in Moray from three to eight, while the SNP dropped from 11 to 9. Download it today and continue to enjoy STV News wherever you are.

Nicola Sturgeon hailed Scottish local elections as an "emphatic" win for the SNP - despite significant Conservative inroads.

And although the SNP's share of the first preference vote may have held steady across Scotland as a whole as compared with 2012, it has not held up everywhere.

He told the BBC News Channel: "The SNP are running very strong in Aberdeen, we've got high hopes of taking control of the city".

"Labour values must run through any deals: the defence of local services against cuts; and the proper funding of the services so many people rely on such as education and care for the elderly".

Green councillors can now be found in six local authorities, with the party's largest grouping in Edinburgh with six representatives.

Once more than half of the council's 85 seats are declared, expected to be in the next round of results, it will become clear whether the SNP can gain majority control or whether a minority administration or coalition is on the cards.

Scottish Labour leader Kezia Dugdale said the selection of Mr McDougall shows that her party is "fighting hard to deliver a Labour government on the side of working people". It was the Tories who tried to make it a referendum on an independence referendum and they came quite a distant second.

"In places such as Glasgow, North Lanarkshire, East Lothian, Inverclyde, Fife and elsewhere, the Tories are in a distant third place".

The Tory leader said she would fight for every vote on 8 June to strengthen her hand in Brexit talks.

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