Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Daesh leader Baghdadi reported killed: media reports

Daesh leader Baghdadi reported killed: media reports

Syrian activists are sharing images that suggest the U.S-led coalition in its fight against ISIS is illegally using white phosphorous, a deadly incendiary substance, in residential areas of the terror group's stronghold in Raqqa.

"In Syria, we regard these forces as unlawful military formations which operate outside of the legal environment".

Said Baghdad-based expert on extremist groups Fadhel Abu Ragheef: "The reward creates worry and tension, it restricts his movements and limits the number of his guards".

Islamic State group leader Abu Bkr al-Baghdadi was killed in a Syrian airstrike on Saturday, according to Syrian state TV.

Their escape, likely prompted by the coalition's advances in Mosul, convinced factions within the group's leadership "from a military perspective, that this may not be tenable to hold on to Raqqa", said a command official speaking on the condition of anonymity.

The news stems from Syrian state television which has claimed the world's most wanted terrorist is dead following an airstrike.

Bradley Schreiber, president of Homeland Security Solutions and a former senior adviser for the Department of Homeland Security, said al-Baghdadi's death would be a "tremendous blow" to ISIS, even if a new leader is waiting in the wings.

In January it was reported the leader had been 'critically injured in airstrikes in northern Iraq.

The New York Times cited an unnamed USA official as confirming that American forces in Syria and Iraq do have access to white phosphorus, but the official insisted that it was not being deployed against civilians.

'If we get the opportunity, we certainly would take advantage of any opportunity to deliver him the justice he deserves, ' he said.

Born in Samarra, Iraq, in 1971, Al-Baghdadi joined the insurgency in 2003, which cropped up following the US-led invasion of Iraq. The unverified reports allege that Al-Baghdadi was killed in Raqqa. "It is only a matter of time before Baghdadi himself meets the same fate", Mr Tillerson said. has contacted the US Department of Defense for comment.

The Kurdish-led forces have already captured three neighbourhoods in the city of Raqqa since the launch of a major operation to liberate the city a few days ago.

"The Islamic State (IS) is withdrawing its men deeper into Raqqa city, as they try to defend themselves on a smaller and smaller patch of turf", Serdar Haji Mahmoud, a war correspondent embedded with the SDF on the frontlines in the city's western neighborhoods, told Syria Direct on Sunday.

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