Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
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Protester storms stage during Julius Caesar play in NYC

Protester storms stage during Julius Caesar play in NYC

Friday night's Shakespeare in the Park performance of Julius Caesar, which had been criticized before its premiere for depicting the assassination of President Donald Trump, was interrupted by protesters halfway through the play.

We were protesting what we saw was the normalization of violence.

Loomer said on Twitter that while she's not in jail, she's not apologetic. Goebbels was the minister of propaganda in Nazi Germany.

A video was tweeted out by Posobiec at 9:13 PM showing Loomer rushing the stage and yelling that the scene was an "act of political violence against the right". Goebbels was a close adviser to Adolf Hitler during the latter's leadership of Nazi Germany. She is facing two charges: trespassing and disorderly conduct.

What's more, New York City's Public Theater has reportedly received almost $30 million in federal, state, and city grants since 2009, according to data published by OpenTheBooks CEO and Forbes contributor Andrew Andrzejewski. The performance is part of the annual Shakespeare in the Park festival in New York City.

Shakespeare in the Park Artistic Director Oskar Eustis, who also directed the show, issued a statement after the incident.

But as many Shakespeare fans and scholars have been pointing out since the outrage over the Public Theater's Trump-tinged Julius Caesar first began to draw criticism, Julius Caesar is an inherently political play with warnings for everyone - and one that specifically implores those who commit political violence, even in service of their country, to consider the futility of their actions.

Rebel TV's Laura Loomer was arrested after interrupting the play during a key scene where a Trump lookalike is viciously stabbed and assassinated. "Serious question, when does "art" become political speech & does that change things?" "This is violence against Donald Trump!".

Delta and Bank of America have both pulled their sponsorship of the Public Theatre, which is known for its edgy, modern productions. But the theater has defended its staging of the play, saying that it "in no way advocates violence towards anyone". "You are inciting terrorists, the blood of Steve Scalise is on your hands", the man yelled. Scalise remains in the hospital in critical condition after narrowly escaping death. From Kathy Griffin's grotesque photo shoot with what looked like the blood-soaked, decapitated head of President Donald Trump, to Madonna's speech in Washington saying she had "thought an bad lot about blowing up the White House", the left has abandoned democratic norms and embraced fascist political violence.

Three others were also injured in the attack by progressive activist James Hodgkinson, who was shot by police and later died. She was later released with a ticket ordering her to appear in court.

The Public Theater production is free to enter and will run until Sunday.

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