Published: Mon, June 19, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

Microsoft won't be making any money on the Xbox One X

Microsoft won't be making any money on the Xbox One X

From what we can tell, it will offer more power than the PS4 Pro rival. It offers an 8-core processor that clocks at 2.3 GHz. Definitely not as many Xbox 360, according to Spencer.

Mike Ybarra recently gave an interview to TechRadar where he revealed some interesting details about Xbox One X. To start off, Ybarra compared the console to a $1,500 gaming machine.

"If you just look at the specs of what this box is, it's in a different league than any other console that's out there", the Xbox boss added.

The Xbox One X will arrive on November 7 with a $499 price tag, which is $100 more than the PlayStation 4 Pro. Spencer replied: "I didn't answer it that way". It seems clear that Microsoft isn't anxious about that price gap between the two consoles since the company doesn't see them as direct competitors.

I wondered, though, if the fact that games must be created to run on any Xbox One console - whether the original Xbox One released in 2013, the current Xbox One S or the upcoming Xbox One X - might limit the potential of the new console's incredible raw horsepower.

Original Xbox games are not the only thing from the 16-year-old console to be making a comeback. The company did announce "Sea of Thieves", "Crackdown 3", "State of Decay 2" and "Forza Motorsport 7", but all of those were already known about prior to E3 2017. "The focus I had on this show was games you're going to get to play in the next year".

The Xbox One X will be backwards-compatible with all existing Xbox One games and accessories, meaning players won't need to replace their collections should they decide to jump on board.

"The money-making part is in selling games". "A lot of our games, nearly 20 of them in the show, are going to be on Windows too".

"Halo and Gears are both in good hands, and I'm going to pick exactly the word you used: I don't want to tease anybody", Spencer said.

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