Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
Science | By Boyd Webster

Gym Badges, Co-Op Raids Coming to Pokemon Go

Gym Badges, Co-Op Raids Coming to Pokemon Go

Niantic has recently announced that gyms within "Pokemon GO" will be momentarily closed out to give way to some undisclosed updates.

With the Pokemon Go anniversary events well under way, gyms are being temporarily disabled to make room for a "major facelift".

The game came out past year and it available now to download for Android and iOS. You'll be able to level them up by battling at the gym, by feeding berries to the Pokemon inside the gym, and by spinning the gym's photo disc. Increase your gym badges level, and you'll have the chance to earn additional items and rewards from the gym. Six slots can be filled by the opposing team, regardless of prestige.

Another big change to the gym system is the introduction of gym badges.

In addition, players can "chip away" at enemy gyms and, even if not able to defeat it, can demotivate stored Pokemon and lowering the gym's CP. To ensure that Pokemon don't lose their motivation players will need to feed berries to their team's Pokemon.

According to the official announcement that was published, any Pokemon that is assigned to the Gym will be returned to the players.

After defeating a raid boss, Niantic says that players will receive "a collection of rewards". While competitive multiplayer is still in limbo, cooperative multiplayer in the form of Raid Battles along with a slew of other new Gym features is being introduced.

As for raid battles, up to 20 players can raid a single gym at once and bring it down for their team, making it both easier to shift control to another team but also fortify it once you're done. When a raid boss is set to appear at a gym, all the Pokemon there will be sent home, and a giant egg will appear, bearing a countdown. Raids will be accessible to those who have a raid pass which is acquired through gym fights or via the game's microtransaction system. You can get a free Raid Pass by visiting a gym, but you can only hold one at a time (though Premium Raid Passes are available from the in-game shop).

The tickets for the first live event, the Pokemon GO Fest in Chicago's Grant Park, sold out within minutes of them going on sale, so if you didn't get them on the first crack, you'll have to wait for other events, which are sure to come with real-world events of their own.

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