Published: Tue, June 20, 2017
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UK Labour Leader Corbyn: 'I Can Still Be Prime Minister'

UK Labour Leader Corbyn: 'I Can Still Be Prime Minister'

If May was right that her party's narrow majority impaired her ability to negotiate optimal terms for withdrawal from the European Union, it's hard to see how she (or another Conservative prime minister) wouldn't be at an even greater disadvantage negotiating on behalf of a minority government. Jeremy Corbyn, the Labor Party leader often dismissed (even by many in his own party) as an ineffectual ideologue, galvanized younger and working-class voters with an egalitarian message of "For the Many, Not the Few".

The DUP won 10 seats, meaning that they will have 10 MPs representing them in Parliament. Jeremy Corbyn, who many thought was totally unelectable, took a massive chunk out of the Conservative majority.

As for Bangladesh, is there anything we can learn from the way the campaign was conducted on both sides in the general elections in Great Britain or from the manner in which top politicians carried themselves about, and how no major parties shifted from their fundamental alliance and attempted unholy alliances just for poll-time benefits? Mr Corbyn took advantage by agreeing to a debate at the last minute - leaving her with a Hobson's choice of either looking too scared to join him or as though she was responding to his instructions.

"Theresa May fighting to stay in Downing St as senior Tories ponder leadership challenge", the staunchly Conservative Daily Telegraph headlined, using the party's nickname. Three British women of Bangladeshi origin have also done very well on the Labour ticket and we congratulate them on their win.

May, who after (mildly) opposing Brexit in the referendum accepted the verdict of the voters, thought that by holding an early election she could strengthen her ability to secure a definitive divorce from the European Union on terms favorable to the United Kingdom, a so-called "hard Brexit".

The Conservatives lost their parliamentary majority in Thursday's election.

Mrs May could face a similar fate, giving Corbyn a route to power on the back of his surge in support across the UK.

Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP, who are likely to have mopped up the votes between them, would have outnumbered the Tories and are likely to have defeated the PM in a Queen's Speech vote, paving the way for a coalition led by Mr Corbyn.

Although Mrs May has "friends and allies" in the DUP, this scenario could be a realistic possibility. We want to end austerity and invest in this country and that's what we're going to do. "Let's get on with the job", he said.

Senior Conservative Gavin Williamson is in Belfast for talks with the pro-Brexit party, a spokeswoman for May's office said.

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