Published: Thu, June 29, 2017
USA | By Angel Wallace

Man Beaten By Angry Mob After Trying To Help Lost Girl

Man Beaten By Angry Mob After Trying To Help Lost Girl

But the man who was labeled a child predator on social media told a different side of the story - he said that he found the lost girl and was simply trying to help her find her parents.

When a protective father saw his 2-year-old daughter headed toward a parking lot with an older man, he immediately sprang into action, charged at the stranger and attacked him.

Meanwhile, police say the good Samaritan could have pressed charges against Strickland but didn't because he, himself, is a dad and understands that Strickland was frantic over his girl going missing.

When asked by WFLA if the he bought the man's version of events the father responded, "No".

At the same time, the parents were told that the man was walking toward the playground and that bystanders thought he was trying to kidnap the little girl. But the dad tells us all he saw was this unusual man walking towards this parking lot with his daughter. "You just don't take someone else's kid and walk to the parking lot or walk in that direction". "I wanted to kill him".

"It's understandable how parents can possibly be upset in a situation involving a lost child", the department said.

A Good Samaritan, who was at the complex with a Polk Sherriff's Office deputy, found the wandering toddler but she couldn't tell him where her parents were. "One person today called the Lakeland Police Department speaking with a supervisor to get the correct information. What they see as an individual with their child walking off, but he was a good Samaritan trying to get that child back to her parents", Lakeland Police Sgt. Gary Gross said.

If you don't mind a good beating, by all means stop to help a lost child in Lakeland, Florida.

The man and his family have left the area, fearing for their safety, police said.

'Before posting information on matters such as this, we encourage people to identify the source and the validity of such claims before sharing them'.

"Accounts of this incident have circulated on social media with false information and speculation".

It got so bad the Lakeland Police Department had to take to its own Facebook to clear things up.

"I was particularly interested in the post because this guy lives two houses away from me", James Jordan wrote.

After the police statement made it apparent that the posts were false, the residents began to delete the misinformation from their Facebook feeds.

At this point, three men approached the man from behind, grabbed the girl from him, and hit him in the face repeatedly.

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