Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Apple Accidentally Confirms What the iPhone 8 Will Look Like

Apple Accidentally Confirms What the iPhone 8 Will Look Like

There may be a virtual home button, though, as references to a "home indicator" have been found by iOS dev Steve Troughton-Smith.

Developers Steven Troughton-Smith and Guilherme Rambo spotted the iPhone references and shared images of them on Twitter. Whether it will also arrive on the iPhone 7S models is unclear, and there's always the chance it could launch alongside Touch ID, rather than replace it.

Smith also explains that the new iPhone 8 will come with a new iOS status bar which is a "lot more complex and powerful in design" because of the notch cutout.

Buried deep in the firmware of Apple's HomePod-the Siri-enabled smart speaker it unveiled in June-are a few hints about the hotly anticipated iPhone 8. The icon had been among the Apple Pay files and is codenamed "D22". He combed through the code for a new version of firmware for Apple's HomePod speaker before it was meant to be public.

According to the reports that were coming, Apple was planning to include an infrared camera for scanning the face of users. Apple is using codenames for both its face recognition feature and the bezel-less phone, called "Pearl ID" and "D22" respectively. Still present are the iPhone's round edges and cutout for a front-facing camera with sensors. But seeing as this particular icon seems to hold well with the basic look of the iPhone 8, it can not be discounted as being just a generic set-piece just yet.

Much like the last two Samsung smartphones, it seems that the next iPhone will have the ability to unlock itself by detecting its owner's face.

The leak does appear to confirm a couple of longstanding rumours. The images will tell us more information regarding the iPhone 8 front, a design which is same as we predicted in leaks.

Waiting for Cupertino's company to comment on the matter, the world is holding its breath for the official unveiling of the iPhone 8 in September at Apple's big annual event.

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