Published: Wed, August 02, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Pre-order to be made available later this month

Pre-order to be made available later this month

The SNES Classic Edition, in case you've been living in a cave for the past month or so, is a tiny version of the original Super Nintendo Entertainment System, complete with controllers that match the original. It will cost about $80 and come with 21 pre-loaded games, including the never-before released "Star Fox 2". These were later said to be a mistake on Walmart's part, with the retail giant cancelling every single order (including my own).

Keep multiple tabs open from multiple retailers; keep an eye on nowinstock's website; call your local GameStop regularly after mid-month comes and goes and ask them when you'll be able to pre-order your console.

Let's hope there will be more stock than what was made available for the NES Classic.

NoA made the statement on their Facebook page today, promising a "significant" number of systems for launch day and the balance of the year.

Nintendo began pre-orders in the United Kingdom weeks ago. That last bit is a bit concerning as it suggests Nintendo only plans to sell the SNES Classic Edition through the end of 2017 or just a little over three months. After all, the company is still struggling to meet the demand for its latest system: the Nintendo Switch.

The SNES Classic Edition will undoubtedly be one of the year's most popular devices, but thus far, we haven't heard many details about its launch. We have written an article in regards on how to pre-order the SNES Classic in the US, UK, and Australia here.

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