Published: Fri, August 04, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

Boeing Dreamliner draws airplane in sky during test flight

Boeing Dreamliner draws airplane in sky during test flight

They had to put new Rolls Royce airplane engines through an 18-hour endurance test. You can do this yourself if you're feeling particularly creative: just open Google Maps, plot out a route that resembles whatever image you'd like, then go for a jog with your phone's Global Positioning System turned on.

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner embarked on a 4,000-mile winding route that took a staggering 17 hours to complete in order to create the flight path shape. It returned just before noon Central Time on Thursday.

The Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner took a path east across Montana, North Dakota and Minnesota before changing course dramatically and flying south-west.

The flight will have covered almost 16,000 miles, and is understood to be testing a new set of Rolls Royce engines. "Rather than fly in random patterns, our team got creative & drew a plane in the sky", Boeing tweeted.

The flight made sure no one forgot where it came from though. The wings reach from the Great Lakes to the southern tip of Texas, and the nose is pointed northwest toward Boeing headquarters in Washington. The plane eventually landed back at Boeing's home base in Seattle once the live test was finished. The tail touches Huntsville, Alabama.

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