Published: Sat, August 05, 2017
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Manhunt underway after 3 people shot in San Francisco park - RT America

Manhunt underway after 3 people shot in San Francisco park - RT America

Police say at least three people were injured in a shooting Thursday at Dolores Park in San Francisco.

Two adult men and a male minor were shot around 3pm and taken to hospital, as authorities report one of the adults is in critical condition.

Hatter, a witness who goes by that name, told the SF Gate that he saw some park regulars confront the group of men.

Police say the gunmen has not been captured.

Police have not yet released further information about their investigation.

Several witnesses said the shootings happened after about half a dozen men started shouting and acting threateningly on the bridge that leads into the park from 19th and Church streets.

Juhasz said she saw a man holding a gun with his arm extended, the Chronicle reported.

The San Francisco Police Department says people should stay away from Dolores Park, where the shooting happened Thursday afternoon. A second later, one man pulled a handgun and rapidly fired six or seven shots, he said.

"I normally can handle (myself) well in these situations, but I was pretty sure I had just lost my life", he said.

People began running after realizing there had been gunshots, she said.

Juhasz claims to have seen two of the victims, one man, who appeared to be bleeding from his chest and another who was being helped by paramedics.

The gunfire unfolded around 3:05 p.m. Antonia Juhasz, who lives nearby, said she heard "a total of three shots", and that she saw someone running "with a gun in their hand".

She said to the newspaper that she heard popping sounds that she first associated with fireworks.

In the hours following the shooting, crime scene technicians combed the scattered mess of backpacks and clothing surrounded the base of the Miguel Hidalgo statue where the three victims were shot.

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