Published: Mon, August 07, 2017
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Sanctions, talks important for N. Korean nuclear issue: China

Sanctions, talks important for N. Korean nuclear issue: China

South Korea has estimated that the United Nations Security Council sanctions against North Korea will slash the North's annual export revenue by one billion USA dollars.

The resolution adopted Saturday afternoon would also ban countries from giving any additional permits to North Korean laborers - another source of money for Kim Jong Un's regime. Diplomatic sources said Lavrov agreed with his interlocutor on the need to bring DPRK to suspend its ballistic missile tests, but also told him that either Russian Federation or China are demanding the United States refrain from further joint military exercises with South Korea. They include a ban on all exports of coal, iron, iron ore, lead, lead ore and seafood.

Coal revenues accounted for around 40% of North Korea's export earnings in 2016, at a value of nearly USD1.2 billion, according to the US Energy Administration. This year, Pyongyang was estimated to earn $251 million from iron and iron ore exports, $113 million from lead and lead ore exports, and $295 million from seafood exports, the diplomat said.

Trump's willingness to go to war with North Korea was mentioned by Sen.

"She claimed that "all options are on the table", but that North Korea's reckless and irresponsible actions "[have] to stop".

As such, this resolution "sends a clear message" to Pyongyang that the Security Council is united in condemning its violations and demanding the country give up its prohibited nuclear and ballistic missile programmes.

The sanction also blacklisted nine DPRK individuals operating overseas as representatives of designated entities (asset freeze and travel ban) and four DPRK commercial entities designated for an asset freeze.

Under the draft, countries would be unable to hire any new North Korean workers.

China, as a permanent member of the UNSC, upheld an impartial and objective position and played a responsible and constructive role in the process of the adoption of the resolution, he said.

"This resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever leveled against the North Korean regime", she said.

The resolution asks the Security Council committee monitoring sanctions against North Korea to ban the import of many more so-called dual-use items, which have commercial purposes but can also be used in conventional, biological, chemical or nuclear weapons. It notes United Nations findings that well over half the population lacks sufficient food and medical care, while a quarter suffers from chronic malnutrition. "This was a strong day in the U.N., it was a strong day for the United States and it was a strong day for the worldwide community".

Negotiations for the new resolution began after Pyongyang conducted its first test of an ICBM on July 4.

Tillerson also said the United States wants to talk eventually with North Korea but thinks discussions would not be productive if the Pyongyang comes with the intention of maintaining its nuclear weapons.

"China has always insisted on realizing the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula, maintaining peace and stability on the Peninsula and seeking a solution through dialogue and consultation", Liu said.

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