Published: Mon, August 07, 2017
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Terror attack at military base in Valencia averted: Venezuela Govt

Terror attack at military base in Valencia averted: Venezuela Govt

"Our FANB successfully repelled a paramilitary criminal terrorist attack, the seven captured are giving information!" Rear Admiral Remigio Ceballos, head of the military's strategic operational command, said on Twitter.

Foreign governments condemned the decision to jail both men, saying it could be the start of a new wave of repression against President Nicolas Maduro's opponents following a vote Sunday to choose delegates to a special assembly to rewrite the nation's constitution.

Speaking with 15 other men dressed in camouflage standing by him, some of them armed, he demanded a transitional government and "free elections". The leadership notably excludes Socialist Party No. 2 Diosdado Cabello, a long-time rival for power to Maduro, who himself put Rodriguez's name forward.

Ortega Diaz said that she was not inside her headquarters in central Caracas when troops surrounded the building, but that the members of her staff were trapped inside.

What is the issue with the new assembly?

On Sunday, the assembly announced the creation of a "truth commission" to probe alleged crimes committed during Venezuela's lengthy political crisis.

It comes a day after the government inaugurated a new legislative body that the country's chief prosecutor said was fraudulently elected.

In its first act on Saturday, August 5, the body, the Constituent Assembly, ordered the dismissal of the country's attorney general, Luisa Ortega, who became a vociferous critic after breaking ranks with Maduro.

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert called the removal of Ortega an attempt to tighten the "authoritarian dictatorship" of Maduro and said her government applauded the action by Mercosur.

Venezuela's deepening political and economic crisis has provoked a surge of asylum seekers to Mexico this year, government figures show, with applications to stay in Mexico setting a record pace.

"Today they're enjoying a pyrrhic victory, without a doubt", said opposition lawmaker Freddy Guevara, who joined a group of opposition sympathizers in an upscale neighborhood of Caracas.

On Saturday prominent opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez was returned home to serve his sentence under house arrest, days after being hauled back to prison in the middle of the night in a move that drew worldwide condemnation.

Maduro and his Socialist Party have "completely taken hostage" Venezuela's institutions through "an undemocratic mechanism that is utterly dictatorial", the leader of the opposition-controlled legislature, Julio Borges, told reporters.

In a sign of its cowed, demoralized state, only a few hundred demonstrators showed up for a Friday protest against the constitutional assembly, one of the smallest turnouts in months. "You need to do more (President) Trump".

The military remains "monolithically united" in its "unconditional" support for Maduro, according to its statement.

It lost more than 17 percent of its value against the dollar on Thursday, placing scarce imported food and medicine further out of reach for many Venezuelans. Thousands have sought shelter in neighboring countries, particularly Colombia and Brazil.

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