Published: Tue, August 08, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

IPhone 8's new feature leaked, may record 4K videos at 60fps

IPhone 8's new feature leaked, may record 4K videos at 60fps

There's another revelation made by the firmware, which suggests that 4K video will also support Apple's new HEVC file type.

The HomePod firmware update also appears to confirm that the new Apple Watch, presumably Series 3, will be able to have a SIM card inserted for independent Apple Watch usage, while still naturally being fully pairable with an iPhone. The Cupertino based tech company had rolled out the firmware of the Siri powered speaker, and that provides some anticipations about its highly anticipated smartphone.

We've long expected/hoped for/wondered where the 4K TV was, and we first heard signs that Apple was actually working on such a monster back in February via Bloomberg. But, Mac Rumors reported that these camera specs are not expected to be available in the forthcoming smartphone.

There are also references to "APPS_USING_PEARL" and 'PEARL_AUTOLOCK.' The former hints at apps using Face ID to open up and the latter might block individuals the iPhone doesn't know. The infra-red mention is notable because infra-red will allow the Face ID technology to recognize partially occluded face and faces from various angles, such as when the device is laying flat.

Troughton-Smith claimed that the code refers to something new, dubbed as the BiometricKit.

Apple has inadvertently revealed the most authentic look yet of the next iPhone, and how the new handset will feature a screen which stretches across its entire front, removing the iconic home button. Codenamed Pearl ID, the feature should replace the usual Touch ID fingerprint sensor.

The so-called bezel-less design significantly improves the handset's display-to-body ratio and is the biggest visual change yet in the iPhone's 10-year history. The leaked images of display assembly of the iPhone 8 show the presence of the same cutouts that probably belong to the iris sensors. An Apple A11 chip will power the device.

As with most iPhone releases it's believed the iPhone 7s, iPhone 7s Plus and iPhone 8 will be announced during September, with the devices rolling out to the public before Christmas if Apple manages to avoid supply constraints which have been said to of been caused due to the company finalising a solution to integrate Touch ID into the display of the device.

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