Published: Tue, August 08, 2017
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Taylor Swift trial over alleged DJ groping incident to begin jury selection

Taylor Swift trial over alleged DJ groping incident to begin jury selection

The lawsuit filed by Mueller, known on-air in Denver as "Jackson", states that Swift and co-defendants including her mother Andrea Swift, have falsely accused him of lifting the pop star's skirt during the photo-op and grabbing her bottom which lead to his firing from KYGO radio.

Mueller, who was sacked from his radio gig following Swift's allegations, insists her story is false.

According to a report by #Usa Today, despite the fact that Swift did not call the police until several years after the incident the case has made it to trial.

Jury selection began Monday for David Mueller's lawsuit against Taylor Swift.

Her lawyers have asked Lorraine Bayard de Volo, an associate professor of women and gender studies at the University of Colorado, to testify as an expert witness about how women typically react when they are sexually assaulted or harassed.

"It was not an accident, it was completely intentional, and I have never been so sure of anything in my life", Swift said in a deposition. Swift said that she told her tour manager and security staff that she had been groped. "This event caused her extreme anxiety because she did not know that Mueller, or anyone else, would grope her private and intimate body part, during an event to which she opened access to her fans and radio personnel as a show of her appreciation", the lawsuit says.

The trial is the climax of a long-running legal fight that began in September 2015 after Mueller sued Swift for $3 million over an alleged groping incident that took place in June 2013.

Ex-DJ David Mueller already has been sanctioned for destroying evidence.

Mueller says he was sacked after Bell told KYGO general manager Bob Call that Swift and her parents were "looking for specific action" to be taken by the station.

At the time of the alleged incident, Mueller was a radio DJ for country music station 98.5 KYGO in Denver on the Ryno and Jackson morning show, going by "Jackson". He was assigned to attend Swift's concert at the Pepsi Center in Denver in June 2013. He says Swift then suddenly announced it was time to take the picture, forcing him to jump into the photo "at the last second".

The police were not called because of Swift's wish to keep the situation "discreet and quiet and confidential", according to her attorney Douglas Baldridge.

TMZ posted the reported photo in question last November. Court papers allege that "Mueller did not merely brush his hand against Ms". All three are smiling.

Swift is scheduled to testify.

He also says the security guard did not react to anything during the backstage meeting and that as many as 20 other people took photographs with Swift after Mueller left.

The judge has placed a gag order on all parties and attorneys for both sides did not respond to messages seeking comment.

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