Published: Wed, August 09, 2017
Culture | By Ray Hoffman

Any Democrats out there with the courage to call out Rep. Waters?

Any Democrats out there with the courage to call out Rep. Waters?

Is that a joke or do you really think that? "It's not something that's going to put me in the bed and say 'Oh my god!' Every day I wake up, I wake up energized".

After taking a moment to share her admiration for her peers, the Waters said that if not for the "love and respect" shown to her by other black women, her Republican counterparts would "have me believe I'm too black, I'm too confrontational, that I'm too disrespectful of them". That, as well as her recent appearance in New Hampshire, which plays host to the first-in-the-nation presidential primary, has sparked speculation about Waters making a possible run at the White House in 2020.

"That's simply a rumor, everybody!" she said, adding, with a big smile: "I am not running for anything except the impeachment of Trump!" "[.] I started right then, talking about he should be impeached".

JOY BEHAR: Do you think Pence will be better than Trump if he were impeached? Her interviews often go viral, and her faces during congressional hearings quickly become memes. Clinton said that half of Trump's supporters could be grouped into "a basket of deplorables", accusing them of having controversial opinions.

"Trump was just so outrageous, so disrespectful, such a bully and unsafe for this country, I decided, 'You know what?" Names such as Kamala Harris Cory Booker and Deval Patrick have been thrown out as potential candidates-and so has our beloved California Congresswoman Maxine Waters.

"I was shocked", she said.

She continued that right after Trump got elected, she started talking about impeaching him because "not only the way that he conducted himself during the campaign, but we learned a lot about his allies and his associates who had ties to Russian Federation and to the Ukraine and to oil".

The acceptance speech ended with a roar of applause as Waters shouted her now-famous words from her questioning of Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin during a House committee meeting: "reclaiming my time".

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