Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Death toll in Alexandria train crash rises to 29

Death toll in Alexandria train crash rises to 29

More than 120 people were injured in the crash, the country's health ministry said.

An eyewitness who lives close to the crash site said he and others ran toward the site when they heard the sound of the impact.

A statement by the Egyptian Railways Authority said a train traveling to Alexandria from Cairo, Egypt's capital, hit the back end of another train, which was waiting at a small station in the district of Khorshid, just west of the coastal city of Alexandria.

Two trains collided outside the Egyptian city of Alexandria on Friday (Aug 11), killing at least 36 people, a health ministry official said.

Alexandria, Egypt's second-largest city, sits on the Mediterranean coast in the north. As a result of the collision, several cars derailed and overturned.

Figures recently released by the state's statistics agency show that 1,249 train incidents took place previous year - the highest number since 2009 when the number reached 1,577.

Hospitals in Alexandria announced state of emergency to receive more injured.

In 2012, a collision between a train and a school bus on a rail crossing killed 51 people, mostly children, in the town of Manaflut.

Egypt has experienced other major train tragedies in the past, including a derailment which killed 19 people in Badr Rashin in Giza in 2013. It is not yet known what caused the two trains to collide.

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