Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

No Man's Sky Gets Its Biggest Update yet with Inclusion of Multiplayer

No Man's Sky Gets Its Biggest Update yet with Inclusion of Multiplayer

Hello Games has released the new "Atlas Rises" update for No Man's Sky, adding a bunch of new features to it. In a huge anniversary update titled Atlas Rises, No Man's Sky is receiving some much needed additions and changes.

Players who come close to each other will see their fellow travellers visualised as odd floating orbs, and will be able to travel with them and meet up on other planets.

You'll need to be in exactly the right places for this to happen however, so don't expect just to bump into people on the fly.

No Man's Sky has finally received its first limited online multiplayer and while the developers have confirmed that it is limited to 16 players at a time, its interactivity hasn't been revealed in detail leaving it up for the player themselves to determine how they can interact with each other. Significant new elements include a preliminary implementation of multiplayer features, 30 hours of story content alongside a revamped quest system, the ability to edit terrain, and an overhauled galactic economy. The number of lore and interactions have been doubled. It features twice as much story content as what the original game shipped with, and has a branching narrative.

No Man's Sky seems to be the poster child for "how not to market a game", but its disappointing and widely discussed reception hasn't stopped Hello Games from putting its nose to the grindstone and continually working on it to create a better experience for players.

Atlas Rising also brings a new world with a greater variety and visual quality. No Man's Sky Update 1.3 also introduces new Mission System which will grant players new and unique tasks.

When No Man's Sky first released, I wasn't really sure what it was, or what it was trying to be, but I found a way to have fun with it. With the new trade goods being added in and a tiered crafting system, players could essentially supply and demand as they see fit across the stars.

Your snazzy visor that you use to scan and tag the various flora, fauna and aliens in No Man's Sky has had quite the upgrade.

New maintenance interactions have been introduced for all harvesting equipment, bringing more depth to farming, mining, and harvesting.

Interact with a portal and input a specific combination of glyphs to quick travel to a specific planet. Hello Games calls it Joint Exploration.

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