Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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Officer's camera catches attempted murder in SC

Officer's camera catches attempted murder in SC

Officer Smith managed to get back to his patrol auto and notify the dispatcher of shots fired and that he needs help for a wound to the neck.

That's when Orr produced a gun from his pocket and shot Officer Smith at point-blank range.

"A camera in Smith's glasses, which the officer purchased for himself on Amazon, captured the incident", said officials with the solicitor's office. The video showed Smith's bloody hand grabbing his radio and calling for help.

The officer gave the man several commands, which went ignored, at which point the officer told the man to take his hands out of his pocket.

Smith, responding to a suspicious person call on January 1, 2016, at the Charles Party Shop on USA 321 in Estill, spotted a man walking away from the store who fit the description of the man who the clerks said was snatching groceries from people's hands.

She desperately begins praying as officers and paramedics arrive to help Smith. She gestures toward a park and says a man later identified as Malcolm Antwan Orr, 29, in a camouflage hunting outfit, is under a tree some distance away. "My arms are broken". Smith threatens to use his stun gun if Orr does not stop.

Smith moves away from the vehicle and quietly tells the emergency team: 'Tell my family that I love them'.

The man looks over at Smith a second time but continues to walk down the road.

A passer-by comes to his aid and attempts to assure him: "I've seen you after that boy. I am going to stay here with you".

A few minutes later, a female voice can be heard in the distance. "Oh God, Jesus. You know who shot you, Quincy?"

Being shot starts to take a heavy toll on Smith. "I take it day by day", said the officer.

Smith remained conscious as bystanders tried to keep him calm.

"Quincy, you okay baby?" one woman wails.

Smith is still recovering from his injuries and remains on medical leave, according to WJCL 22.

The footage helped convict Orr, who was found guilty of attempted murder and possessing a weapon in a violent crime on Wednesday and sentenced to 35 years in prison.

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