Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
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The Last Jedi' | New Pictures and Plot Details — Star Wars

The Last Jedi' | New Pictures and Plot Details — Star Wars

'Rose'? Played by Kelly Marie Tran, she's one of the newbies in The Last Jedi, a character who she says is immediately drawn to Finn.

The flick is slated to release on December 15.

"It got really real for him". They have to be built to move, and you have to believe that they could step forward and engage if they have to.

While discussing the film with the Forcefully-aware folks at EW, Johnson noted that Fisher had already finished filming all her scenes before passing away unexpectedly in December. So even though he had a chance to escape to the Outer Rim, he chose to join The Resistance on their mission to bring down the Starkiller Base and rescue Rey (Daisy Ridley) from Kylo Ren (Adam Driver).

She's this nobody, this background player, which is what makes her interesting. In addition to the previously revealed Porgs, the Caretakers will also be living on the island of Ahch-To.

Is Luke super bummed about Kylo Ren? Because think about it: There still is an element of business in this in which we want the movie to do well.

"The Resistance isn't in the best condition", John Boyega told Variety. "She's not royalty. She's someone who is just like everyone else". Unfortunately, he's very dodgy and only in it for financial gain. He seems to be teasing something along those lines in a set of quotes, courtesy of a new feature in Entertainment Weekly. "But with the war themes, mass murder and genocide with the basic concept of the Death Star, I see material that is highly inappropriate for most children". He's trying to leave. For example, in the original trilogy, we didn't know anything about the Emperor except what Luke knew about him, that he's the evil guy behind Vader.

Johnson wrote the script for the movie himself so hopefully he changed things up so it's not essentially a retread of The Empire Strikes Back.

Master Luke Skywalker is returning to the franchise in this next installment and it's fair to say that what he has to say and teach to Rey is going to make a huge impact on the Jedi and their role in the galaxy.

Holding a bright blue light saber, Rey slashes through the cover and shows off her fighting skills against the First Order. By its very nature, there are some structural parallels. The characters in question are the Praetorians. After all, Disney is no doubt going to be selling a titanic amount of Porg toys and figures.

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