Published: Sat, August 12, 2017
Culture | By Ray Hoffman

'The Munsters' Reboot Will Be Set In Hipster Brooklyn

'The Munsters' Reboot Will Be Set In Hipster Brooklyn

At that point she turned to Meyers to help EP the show seeing as he already had a producing deal with Universal TV.

This isn't the first time the network has taken a stab at rebooting the monster-themed sitcom, with a pilot airing in 2012 with Jerry O'Connell as Herman Monster and Portia de Rossi as wife Lily.

A screengrab of the original "The Munsters" series that aired on CBS between 1964 and 1966, as shared on Twitter. (Even though the idea of Hipster Brooklyn is a little 2005, though that hasn't stopped TV Land's Younger.) This isn't the first attempt to reboot The Munsters, either.

The Munsters now is reverting to its original half-hour comedy format. Regardless of your feelings of the concept, Variety has confirmed that Seth Meyers is producing another reboot of The Munsters. NBC ran the introductory episode as a Halloween special in October 2012, but, unfortunately, Mockingbird Lane wasn't picked up for a full series run.

NBC is rebooting 1960s comedy series "The Munsters" about a family of lovable monsters with "Odd Mom Out" creator Jill Kargman.

It seems like this family of trailblazing monsters would fit right in with hipster Brooklyn-we could totally see Lily Munster enjoying a knife skills class at the Meat Hook, Eddie going to St. Ann's, Marilyn attached to a selfie stick, and Herman Munster growing a beard.

The Munsters is perhaps one of the most well-known horror-comedy shows to come out of the post-golden age of television, an era which also featured The Addams Family that aired during the same two years. Now, it appears that the promise NBC's chief Bob Greenblatt made in 2013 to bring The Munsters back is finally happening.

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