Published: Thu, August 31, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

Google Assistant Comes To Anker, Panasonic, Mobvoi Speakers & LG Appliances

Google Assistant Comes To Anker, Panasonic, Mobvoi Speakers & LG Appliances

Google Assistant today announced integrations with a series of products due out soon, from smart speakers to a smart washing machine, dryer, and vacuum.

The products will utilize the Google Assistant software development kit to speak with AI assistant through devices. Anker is also behind the Alexa-enabled Eufy Genie, which retails for under $35.

Google's smart speaker the Google Home is now available at a discounted price at Micro Center, the discounts being offered brings it down to just $89.99. With the smart speaker, Panasonic is trying to emphasize on its music playing capabilities. Once again, details related to pricing and release date are not available yet.

The company is making it sound like the Assistant will behave the same way on third-party devices as it does on Google's own Home speaker.

First up is Anker's Zolo Mojo, a cylindrical speaker with two microphones.

Google Assistant coming to more speakers and home appliances from LG
Google announces three third-party speakers with Assistant, plus LG appliance integration

Many people who use Google Assistant regularly probably already have a Google Home, but offering options for newcomers to the ecosystem certainly isn't a bad thing.

Additionally he stated that Panasonic's existing relationship with Google made them a more natural partner for a first smart speaker. It features two 20-mm soft dome tweeters, a 8cm woofer with a dual voice coil, and support for Bluetooth. The SC-GA10 will make its debut in early 2018. And, aside from featuring Google Assistant, this speaker from Anker also has Google Cast in addition to WiFi and Bluetooth.

New for 2017, the Google Assistant is now compatible with all of LG smart home devices using either Google Home, your eligible Android phone or your iPhone, you can control connected appliances hands-free.

In other words: They work just like a Google Home.

Google's announcement states more speakers will be revealed in the coming days, with availability not expected until later this year in the US, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, and France. Commands like “Ok Google, start vacuuming” and “Ok Google, are my clothes clean?” should become a routine if you are ready for a Jetsons-like reality.

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