Published: Sat, September 02, 2017
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Britain, Japan discuss possible new United Nations resolution against North Korea

Britain, Japan discuss possible new United Nations resolution against North Korea

Foreign Minister Taro Kono asked his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi on Friday for China's cooperation in adopting a new U.N. Security Council sanctions resolution on North Korea, the Japanese Foreign Ministry said.

But the US Defence Secretary, James Mattis, insisted on Wednesday that there was still room for diplomacy.

The US must make it clear that it will deploy a decisively destructive nuclear option to strike North Korea - one capable of effectively destroying the country.

"As we leave the EU, we will work to quickly establish a new economic partnership between the United Kingdom and Japan based on the terms of the Japan-EU Economic Partnership Agreement", May will say according to advanced extracts of her speech. But, on Thursday, Mattis stressed that there was "nothing contradictory there" and said reports have "widely misinterpreted" his comments.

This was Pyongyang's 13th ballistic missile launch in 2017.

"I agree with the president..."

The Pentagon chief declined to confirm reports that North Korea could be preparing a new nuclear test, which would be widely seen as another provocative and risky move by the Pyongyang regime.

The F-35B in the hands of US Marine aviators has excellent stealth characteristics that mean North Korea wouldn't even know if the planes were overhead.

But Hwang Ildo, a professor at Seoul's Korea National Diplomatic Academy, disagrees, saying North Korea probably won't risk infuriating the United States.

Threatening trade wars is not going to help - tangibly confronting China and Russian Federation with a whole new set of nuclear risks in their backyard just might, and showing that the USA is acting out of grim necessity may ease the risk that some future nuclear crisis will escalate beyond North Korea to include China, and even Russian Federation.

However, he added, "they could do something like that on relatively short notice".

China, North Korea's only major ally, has been calling for a "dual suspension" in which the North stops its nuclear and missile tests and Washington and Seoul halt their military exercises to lower tensions and lead to talks.

"I am determined that our defence and security cooperation will continue to go from strength to strength, enhancing our collective response to threats to the worldwide order and to global peace and security", May said in a statement.

North Korea had earlier threatened to fire a salvo of Hwasong-12s toward Guam, which is home to key US military bases and strategic long-range bombers the North finds threatening.

"On a visit to Japan on Thursday, British Prime Minister Theresa May said London and Tokyo would work together to pressure North Korea "including by increasing the pace of sanctions" against Pyongyang".

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