Published: Sat, September 02, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

Texas attorney general investigating gas gouging reports in North Texas

Texas attorney general investigating gas gouging reports in North Texas

"So people who wouldn't ordinarily buy gas until next week or the week after are racing out to buy gas and that's depleting the supplies as well", Mason said.

"Part of what is creating the strain on the fuel supply chain right now is the fact that a lot of fuel distributors are having to wait four, five (and) sometimes six hours at the terminal so that they can take (gas) to a local gas station", said Azanza, whose organization represents an estimated 12,000 convenience stores, grocery stores and truck stops that sell gasoline.

Up to 15 refineries were set to go offline, the Energy Department said on Wednesday.

Signs of Harvey's ripple effect showed up at some gas stations Thursday: they read "no gas".

Still, DeHaan and others said the precise duration and depth of the supply issues will depend on when the Gulf Coast refineries - which combined account for almost a third of US refining capacity - are operational again, and when the Houston Ship Channel reopens.

On Twitter, some Texans posted the locations of gas stations that were out of gas or still had gas available. So how long are the long lines and the increased prices supposed to last? Some gas has been diverted from other cities - like Tulsa, Oklahoma - to help keep Dallas stocked, DeHaan said. If people can not get gas or fear a continued shortage, however, they may cancel plans.

"We will are designated stores in all quadrants of the Dallas Fort Worth area and make sure those stores will constantly have carriers back and forth supplying gasoline", Thornbrugh explained. "But you don't need to go fill it up every time you go around the block and top it off again", said Burns.

"I don't believe a week from now that this will be an issue", Sitton said. "They may run into some really big issues". "Absolutely not", said Dana Akins as she filled up her tank.

"I don't want to chuckle about it, but if people think there will be shortages here, no, that's not going to happen", DeHaan said. Americans continue to consume about 9.7 million barrels per day - a 2 million barrel deficit, DeHaan said.

Daniel Armbruster, a spokesman for AAA in Texas and New Mexico, had some simple advice for motorists. "There is a challenge of logistics, getting that gasoline from where it is stored to the gas stations, and that is a real challenge and the people are working through that". "We have gasoline. We have enough gasoline across the country and we have enough gasoline in Texas".

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