Published: Wed, September 06, 2017
Money | By Oscar Reynolds

Around 4 million Time Warner personal records exposed in data leak

Around 4 million Time Warner personal records exposed in data leak

It's also another reminder of how easily data can be rendered insecure through poor processes and how information related to millions of individuals is managed not only by the companies that bill them but also by third party partners, adding to the risk of security slip-ups or breaches.

The TWC record information was not unique for all details exposed, instances of duplicate information, were also seen, meaning the breach ultimately exposed less than four million customers. While it's unlikely that multiple BroadSoft customers have anything to worry about, this incident will undermine confidence in the unified comms specialist and make potential suitors wary about potential security breaches that could, in the future, lead to legal action and compensation claims.

Sensitive information about more than four million users of an app created by Time Warner Cable has been accidentally exposed online.

Other databases revealed billing addresses, phone numbers and other contact inform for at least hundreds of thousands of TWC subscribers.

The repositories also included internal company records, including SQL database dumps, internal emails and code containing the credentials for accessing external systems and access logs.

"The problem is that the repository was configured to allow public access and exposed extremely sensitive data in the process".

Last month, there was discovered an unprotected Amazon server with tons of precious data on it.

The files, more than 600GB in size, were discovered on August 24 by the Kromtech Security Center while its researchers were investigating an unrelated data breach at World Wrestling Entertainment. Upon discovery, the information was removed immediately by the vendor, and we are now investigating this incident with them. The data was left exposed by Broadsoft, a company that has numerous large ISPs as clients.

Those affected were Time Warner Cable customers who mainly used the My TWC app, and the company is advising the app users to change passwords, the Hollywood Reporter said.

TWC, which was acquired by Charter Communications previous year and is now called Spectrum, said the data related to users of the MyTWC mobile application used to remotely manage accounts, which was developed by BroadSoft.

Verizon isn't the only big USA telecom whose corporate ally left customer data out in the open.

Representatives of BroadSoft did not immediately respond to a query. "We apologise for the frustration and anxiety this causes, and will communicate directly to customers if their information was involved in this incident".

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