Published: Wed, September 06, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

New iPhone: the latest information

New iPhone: the latest information

The event will take place at the new Steve Jobs Theater inside Apple's headquarters, nicknamed the "Spaceship" or "Fruit Loop". While we still have a little over a week left for Apple's keynote event, if reports from 9TO5Mac and iCulture are to be believed, we may have a legit naming scheme for Apple's upcoming generation of iPhones.

The Barclays analyst said this $156 worth of services could be a sort of "quasi-discount or rebate", while the bundling could even generate higher subscription revenues for Apple further out if buyers renew after the first year. Less-expensive models of the iPhone 7 may be revealed, along with new versions of the Apple Watch and iOS, Apple's mobile operating system. With this in mind, it is expected to release three new smartphones, iPhone 7S, iPhone 7S Plus and its anniversary iPhone, which is now known as the iPhone 8. Given that a range of sensors are usually located in the lower part of the face, there may be a fingerprint reader under the screen, or perhaps the "Home" button will be axed. The latest is the smartphone with edge-to-edge OLED display, processor, Apple A11, scanner individuals and L-shaped battery with increased capacity. However, other more productivity-based functions such as replying to a notification still require an iPhone at hand. Stonehearth Capital Management LLC raised its stake in shares of Apple by 0.8% in the first quarter.

While all of this is still a rumour, the world is excited to see this rumoured super iPhone come out of the Apple laboratory after 10 days, i.e. September 12. The Chinese electronics giant closed the gap with Apple, adding two percentage points to market share from a year earlier, according to the survey.

It is safe to say that the iPhone 8 is the most awaited announcement for the September 12 event and it is understandable for a number of reasons. Some say that Apple may do a Samsung Galaxy S8 and stick the homepage on the back, but that is unlikely.

Meanwhile, Google-made Pixel smartphones that debuted past year will likely get a second generation in the months ahead as rivals field new champions to battle in the prime year-end holiday shopping market.

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