Published: Thu, September 07, 2017
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Kirby Smart says 'no secret' in starting a freshman QB

Kirby Smart says 'no secret' in starting a freshman QB

The Bulldogs won that showdown 17-10 to clinch the national championship. Pulling off the upset in this game would surely aid Notre Dame in their ascent through the ranks. The Bulldogs opened with a 31-10 victory over App State last weekend.

The Fighting Irish looked refreshing in the 49-16 win over Temple to begin their season, an outing that saw newly installed starting quarterback Brandon Wimbush account for almost 300 yards of total offense and three touchdowns. Unfortunately, Notre Dame has been a way too hospitable host to first-timers over the last decade.

The Irish had three players go over 100 yards, including running backs Josh Adams (161) and Dexter Williams (124) plus quarterback Brandon Wimbush (106). It was capped by Chubb's 1-yard touchdown run with 39 seconds left in the opening period. On the other hand, the Fighting Irish made 606 yards gained in total, 422 of which was rushing yards. In Georgia's first win, the front was able to exploit the Mountaineers' unit as Trenton Thompson led the way with six tackles.

Two, it is Georgia's first visit to Notre Dame, which is still respected ground in college football despite mainly mediocre results by the Fighting Irish the past 23 years.

Kirby Smart's media appearances generally are straightforward.

All of this isn't to say that Fromm will be the next great Georgia quarterback, or even keep his job when Eason's ready to return. I thought he put them in position where his guy was going to catch it and that was it. After undergoing evaluation, Georgia announced Eason suffered a knee sprain. He is performing rehab daily.

"I'm not an expert, but you know, I've been in this game a while, and he's got a presence about him, and he's very comfortable running the Georgia offense", Kelly said. It will be week-to-week. "Certainly, we would like to see him take the knee and slide a little bit more when necessary, or when it's prudent to do so", Kelly said Tuesday. So, that is the good news.

Notre Dame has had the Four Horsemen and a long history of star runners from George Gipp to Jerome Bettis. Jake Fromm is a mature freshman, and hopefully he'll go out and execute. We have Sam Vaughn who did a great job past year with the scout team and took a lot of reps in the spring when Brice wasn't here. So we gotta defend him and we got two really good backs.

Although losing your starting quarterback is never ideal, the Bulldogs appear to be in good shape with Fromm. "He's not exceptionally tall, but you can ask the defensive players he's been a handful down there on the scout team".

"It's exciting because I love competition", Ledbetter said. Our team is excited.

"He said he didn't think he would get in unless there was an injury or the score was lopsided, so we stayed at home", Lassiter said. Everybody's making a big deal about Jake Fromm. "But we've gotta be able to - obviously if we give him one look the whole time, he's capable of hurting us". We're going to feature our running game, and somebody's going to come out on top.

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