Published: Sun, September 10, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

DHS Taps 4 Companies to Develop Concrete Border Wall Prototypes

DHS Taps 4 Companies to Develop Concrete Border Wall Prototypes

ELTA North America Inc.

A rendering given to NBC News last week from CBP officials depicts a multi-faceted wall that features a concrete stretch facing the USA and non-concrete stretch facing Mexico that would allow officials to see through it.

The latest prototypes will be between 18 and 30 feet high and must be made from material other than concrete, the agency said, but CBP spokesman Roger Maier wouldn't comment on the kinds of materials that the winning companies might use.

Al Anderson, the general manager of KWR Construction, which had helped build the existing border fence as well as associated roads and lighting, would not divulge design details of its prototype for the contentious border project.

CBP officials will meet with the vendors and determine construction timeline and expect construction of the prototypes to begin in the fall in San Diego.

The artist, who goes by the moniker JR, said the portrait of one-year-old Kikito, who lives in the border town of Tecate, was spurred by a dream in which he imagined a kid looking over the wall.

"We want whatever jobs here along the border that we can get, and set aside our personal beliefs to support our employees", Anderson said in a previous interview with The Washington Post.

The waiver focuses on a specific 15-mile stretch of land east of the Pacific Ocean and south of San Diego where DHS plans to embark on "infrastructure projects", including the building of four to eight 30-foot high prototypes of the 2,000-mile border wall Trump promised during the presidential campaign.

The contracts are only for prototype construction, for which Congress has appropriated $20 million.

Trump said during the campaign he envisioned the wall would be made of concrete. Some Congressional Republicans are expected to use DACA as a bargaining chip to fund the border wall, which Democrats firmly oppose.

A study by the center identified more than 90 endangered or threatened species who would be jeopardized by proposed wall construction along the entire U.S. -Mexico border.

Yates is the largest construction company in Mississippi.

That brings the total number of companies involved to six, because Caddell and WG Yates were also selected to build concrete prototypes.

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