Published: Sun, September 10, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Hurricane Irma will 'devastate' the US

Hurricane Irma will 'devastate' the US

At least two people were killed in Puerto Rico, a senior rescue official said.

Sint Maarten, as it is known in Dutch, is an independent nation within the Kingdom of the Netherlands with a population of around 40,000 people, about the same as on the French side of the island.

Around 400 police officers would be sent to the French side of the island and to the nearby territory of St Barthelemy, she said. It is expected to hit the coast of Florida on the morning of September 10, according to NOAA, which was reported by Express. You can see the airport at the top right side of the photo, near the water. "Remember Hurricane Andrew [in 1992] was one of the worst storms in the history of Florida".

The value of damage caused by Hurricane Irma on the French Caribbean islands alone is estimated to be "much higher" than 200 million euros ($240 million), a state insurance group said on Friday.

Most communications with the outside world are being conducted via the military, he said, adding that there was "no clarity" on victims.

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said Irma left "widescale destruction of infrastructure, houses and businesses" and also left residents with no power, no gasoline and no running water, The Associated Press reported.

It was "hit hard, with what appeared to be sand washed up on parts of the main terminal and the building's roof is extensively damaged". Although the runway has been cleared, the Dutch Navy said it is still unreachable.

Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk said two people had died and 43 were injured - 11 of them seriously - in Dutch Saint Martin.

"Alas, the island is not reachable at this point because of the huge damage to the airport and the harbor", Prime Minister Rutte told reporters in the Netherlands.

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