Published: Sun, September 10, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Tennessee Task Force One Deploys To Hurricane Irma After Short Respite

Tennessee Task Force One Deploys To Hurricane Irma After Short Respite

Texas Task Force 1 (TX-TF1) and Texas Task Force 2 (TX-TF2) completed demobilization today after 14 days of search and rescue, evacuation and other life-safety operations across the state during one of the largest natural disaster events in history. Part of the team that handles hazmat situations was diverted to Alabama to prepare.

39 of the 45 members of the Pennsylvania team that helped out during the Texas flooding are now en route to their next hurricane.

Airmen and soldiers with the Nebraska National Guard were expected to return home from Texas this weekend after responding to Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts, and stood ready to deploy to Florida if called upon, a spokesman said. "It's projected to make landfall at least at a Category 4, maybe a 5, and we'll just wait and see if our team is called to assist".

"They're going to go to the worst-hit areas", said McClellan. "This is a significant opportunity for them to do it again, even though it is back-to-back".

More members from Missouri Task Force.

"It's what we do", Ganger said, adding that about 90 percent of the people on the task force are firefighters.

The 11 members had arrived by air and are already helping with targeted searches on St. Thomas, with four more members heading there by ferry to help move vehicles and equipment used by the task force. It's not known how long the deployment for Hurricane Irma will last. The American Red Cross and Task Force 1 have had teams on the ground since then.

"Anything and everything is up for discussion", Thavenet said.

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