Published: Mon, September 11, 2017
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Japan's Abe says North Korea situation needs quick action

Japan's Abe says North Korea situation needs quick action

Among the biggest concerns is that this might conceivably allow North Korea to target cities on the USA mainland, but can they?

"The situation is very grave".

The statement says both leaders stressed that the global community has condemned North Korea's "provocations".

"A special measure is urgently needed to stop their recklessness".

"Through the promotion of exchanges in various areas, I hope we will build a new, future-oriented Japan-South Korea relationship", Abe added.

South Korea said earlier in the day it was talking to the United States about deploying aircraft carriers and strategic bombers to the Korean peninsula after signs North Korea might launch more missiles.

A THAAD battery normally consists of six launchers, but only two have been operational so far.

Abe told Trump that North Korea's nuclear test is a serious threat to Japan's security that poses a "head-on challenge" to the worldwide community.

Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed Thursday to exert stronger pressure on North Korea in the wake of a recent nuclear test by Pyongyang, including through tougher United Nations sanctions.

In an interview with the Russian news agency Tass on Tuesday, Mr Moon said he believes now is not the time for talks and it is important for the worldwide community to strengthen pressure against Pyongyang.

"It is impossible to intimidate them", said the Russian leader.

An agreement revealed Tuesday removes a 500-kilogram warhead limit on South Korea's maximum-range missiles, which would allow the South to potentially target the North's underground facilities and shelters.

"North Korea is escalating an overt challenge to the peace, prosperity, law and order of the region and indeed the entire world".

Those threats have prompted both Beijing and Moscow to agree on increasingly tougher sanctions against North Korea, most recently backing a Security Council ban of the country's coal, iron, iron ore, lead and seafood exports. Besides having in-depth discussions about handling the North Korean issue, "I want to start concrete talks on ways to cooperate substantively" in such fields as the economy, he said.

Russian Federation has also criticized the move.

His efforts have been hampered by bellicose rhetoric on all sides of the North Korean issue, and worsening relations between Seoul and Washington.

Just this week, UN Ambassador Nikki Haley called for "the strongest sanctions" to pressure North Korea into giving up nukes "before it's too late".

Though he took a more critical view this week, Moon previously raised the notion of military talks between North and South as a way to possibly ease the growing strain.

Pyongyang said the device it detonated on Sunday was a hydrogen bomb.

Tensions between Pyongyang and many world powers, particularly the United States, Japan, and South Korea, are at their highest levels in years.

"They know it and they see nuclear weapons and weapons of mass destruction as the only way for them to protect themselves", Putin said Thursday. The time has come to exhaust all of our diplomatic means before it's too late. It has now been updated.

Correction: a previous version story wrongly attributed the headline quote to the South Korean defense minister, not the prime minister.

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