Published: Mon, September 11, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

People's March For Europe: Hundreds Attend Anti-Brexit Protest In London

People's March For Europe: Hundreds Attend Anti-Brexit Protest In London

It comes as MPs are set to vote on the repeal bill, formally known as the EU (Withdrawal) Bill, on Monday for the first time, amid concerns over the progress of Brexit negotiations.

"Embarrassment at our country's leaders".

"We've got to absolutely stop the Brexit which this rather incompetent, dysfunctional, disunited government are trying to force upon us".

"There can be no change to Brexit unless we confront the underlying causes of it", Blair said, conceding that the referendum vote showed a widespread feeling that unchecked immigration was forcing wages down, straining public services, and - particularly when it involves conservative Muslims - raising questions of cultural integration.

The legal status of cross-border contracts written by UK-based financial firms is unclear once they no longer come under European Union rules from March 2019, UK Finance and the Association for Financial Markets in Europe (AFME) said in a joint paper.

The heavyweight globalist defended his actions, but said "times were different" now - arguing that public sentiment against mass migration calls for new controls, such as asking that European Union migrants have a job offer before coming to Britain. "Embarrassment for Great Britain", he said.

"We've already seen the big devaluation [of the pound], and that had has quite a significant impact on people's living standards", Sir Vince said.

PCS trade union boss Mark Serwotka threatened to lead his members onto the picket lines in strikes unless the government agreed to hike public sector pay by 5
Monday 11

He personally thanked Conservative and Labour Remainers who voted for him to be their MP, so he could continue to oppose Brexit.

"Not a gift from the Government but a right".

The immigration report was released by a new body set up past year by Mr Blair to promote the centre ground of United Kingdom politics and tackle the rise of "populism" that he blamed for the Brexit vote.

Blair presided over a nation-transforming migrant influx during his time as Prime Minister, from both outside of Europe and within, particularly when his government - unlike the majority of EU member-states - neglected to apply transitional controls on migrants from eastern European countries when they joined the bloc in 2004.

"It's not undemocratic to try to persuade the electorate to think again about Brexit".

"So I say to my colleagues over the road: 'You know in your hearts what's right". Do not be bowed down by the whips.

The blue and yellow demonstrators fell silent for one minute in respect for the victims of the Grenfell Tower fire, breaking into applause as the 60 seconds ended.

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