Published: Tue, September 12, 2017
World | By Carl Welch

Sad: Pope Francis Injured In Colombia

Sad: Pope Francis Injured In Colombia

Weighing in on two areas of disagreement with a US president with whom he has already clashed, Pope Francis said Monday that climate science is clearly true, and that President Donald Trump should allow young immigrants to stay in the United States if he is truly "pro-life".

According to an interview with Reuters, the Pope - who has criticized Trump's policies before - was asked by journalists aboard the papal plane returning from his overseas trip to Colombia about his reaction to the latest policy shift. "I think it's a very serious thing".

"The other day came the news of that Russian ship that went from Norway to Japan and crossed the North Pole without finding ice", Francis said.

Francis told reporters that it was important for young people to have roots, referring to the program's previous rulings that deferred deportations for those who arrived to the USA before the age of sixteen.

"One hopes that it is re-thought somewhat", Pope Francis said on Sunday in answer to a question about the programme started by former President Barack Obama and known as Deferred Action on Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

Talking about his five-day stay in Colombia, Pope Francis said he was "really moved by the joy, the tenderness" and the expressiveness of the people.

"It is of the greatest importance that we who call ourselves disciples not cling to a certain style or to particular practices that cause us to be more like some Pharisees than like Jesus", he said. He said, though, that separating young people from their families is not good either for the young or for the family.

Pope Francis has previously criticised Mr Trump's immigration policy, calling his plan to build a wall between the USA and Mexico "not Christian".

"Man is stupid, the bible said", he said. If someone has doubts about man-made climate change, they must go to the scientists, and then make their decisions: "And history will judge the decisions".

"I assure all of you of my prayers for each of the countries of Latin America, and in a special way for neighboring Venezuela", Francis said.

And in the nation that is sadly renown for the production of cocaine and the power of drug cartels, the Pope also made an off-the-cuff denunciation of drug dealers and traffickers, condemning them as unscrupulous merchants of death who "cut short so many hopes and destroy so many families". He emphasized that "the relationship to their roots are very important for the young", and observed that "the young are uprooted today, they ask for help, they want to find again their roots, and that is why I insist very much on the dialogue between the young and the elderly". He expressed hope for a peaceful solution to the "grave crisis" Venezuela is experiencing and which affects all its citizens, "especially the poorest and most disadvantaged in society".

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