Published: Fri, September 15, 2017
Technology | By Timothy Carter

Doom 2 Confirmed To Be Doom For Nintendo Switch!

Doom 2 Confirmed To Be Doom For Nintendo Switch!

The Switch images were taken from the game's debut trailer, unveiled during the Nintendo Direct presentation, and while they do show evidence of a downgrade, there isn't as much disparity as you may expect.

The good news is the 2016 version of DOOM is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but the bad news is the multiplayer won't come with the base version of the game.

The studio's VP, Pete Hines did mention recently that a Bethesda title was launching in 2017, although didn't giveaway what it would be. With the Switch being able to support such a massive game like Skyrim, that opens the door to other developers, like Rockstar Games, to step in and shake things up if they were to release a game like Grand Theft Auto or Red Dead Redemption for the handheld-hybrid console. This is to say that the Switch will be getting two, high-profiled, graphically demanding first-person shooters within the next year.

The New Colossus isn't due on Switch until 2018, so it will miss a simultaneous release with PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 27.

"Skyrim was revealed for Switch in June, and will include all-new gameplay features like motion controls for combat and lockpicking, outfits and gear from The Legend of Zelda, plus bonus loot unlocked from compatible The Legend of Zelda amiibo", Bethesda explains.

"#Doom" and "#Wolfenstein II: "The New Colossus" were both confirmed to be coming to the #Nintendo Switch during the company's online showcase event held yesterday.

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It seems likely that a title on its scale would likely produce a lot of battery drain, as well as have to drop the resolution and fps standards.

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